The Autobiography of Malcolm X

A Speech To Mississippi Youth

How might Martin Luther King, Jr..have replied to Malcolm X's speech?

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There are two excellent sources that will help you research this question. One is on youtube and features King responding verbally. This is unique footage........ King answers this question far better than I am able. The other comes from King's autobiography. You will find an excerpt below. 

"He is very articulate, but I totally disagree with many of his political and philosophical views-at least insofar as I understand where he now stands. 1 don't want to sound self-righteous, or absolutist, or that I think I have the only truth, the only way. Maybe he does have some of the answers. I know that I have often wished that he would talk less of violence, because violence is not going to solve our problem. And, in his litany of articulating the despair of the Negro without offering any positive, creative alternative, 1 feel that Malcolm has done himself and our people a great disservice. Fiery, demagogic oratory in the black ghettos, urging Negroes to arm themselves and prepare to engage in violence, as he has done, can reap nothing but grief."

The youtube link is listed under sources.

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