The Alchemist (Jonson)

Does anyone out there hate this book?!

I just read the Alchemist and I think it is total garbage.

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Yeah I agree...

Both of you are clearly too immature to appreciate satire. Look it up, there is a reason everything in this play is exaggerated. From the characters to the plot to the "overtly inspirational" nature of the play. Johnson had the intention of pointing out the flaws in people in order to promote self-examination and correction. That is what the goal of good satire is.

James, I'm glad I'm mature enough to appreciate humor, because your post certainly made me laugh. Before you start insulting people, you might want to make sure you know what you're talking about. George and Ingrid are referring to the "inspirational" novel by Paulo Coelho, not to Johnson's play.

I love this book! I find that this is the most inspirational book around. It's not only adventurous but also very phillosophical. It's a very deep book so you have to read in between the lines to actually understand.

My comment to the people who do not appreciate this book is... " Maybe you don't like it because u lack sophistication and some sort intellectual acknowledgment of the book?"

And may I pls add from my previous comment that this book is a very simple "FICTION" book but even though it is known to be a very highly sophisticated book by Paulo Coelho and not by R.L.Stine. LOL...

omg! I love the alchemist! If you ever said that to my friend she would freak. though I do respect your opinion.

There is nothing sensible in Alchemist.I don't know why this play is prescribed to students of literature.