The Alchemist (Coelho)

What three events during Santiago’s journey have the most impact on him realizing his personal legend?

And an explanation for them would be great. Thank you!

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The Personal Legend is something which a person truly desires with all of his/her heart. The novel suggests that the only thing that is important in life is to pursue this dream at whatever cost. Often this means avoiding things which are not conducive to achieving this dream. In the case of Santiago, this means leaving his familial home. It also means that any love which he experiences must not get in the way of his Personal Legend.

The novel states that, since the Personal Legend is placed in one's heart by Fate or the Soul of the World, pursuing the Personal Legend is not an option; it is instead one's duty. The Alchemist thus suggests that selfishness is not necessarily evil, but is to a degree the only way to live at peace with the universe and to be happy.

Santiago's dream or Personal Legend is to find the treasure. The three invents that have the MOST impact on him would be debateable, but I'll give you the three I would choose.

The first would be the way in which the Gypsy's interpreted Santiago's dream, the way she urged him to go to Egypt, and the job he takes with the merchant.

The next event would be when Santiago met Fatima and fell in love. Love didn't stop him from pursuing his dream. This event lets the reader experience how loyal Santiago would be to acquiring his Personal Legend.

Lastly, I'm going to go with his return to Fatima. Once he returns to her and reaffirms his love, everything just seems to fall into place.