The Alchemist (Coelho)

what is the significance of the oasis?

the englishmen and santiago finally reach this point(the oasis) and finally get to meet the alchemist.

im just not sure what the significance is behind the oasis.

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I believe the significance comes from the fact that although Santiago is actually assisting the Englishman in his search for the alchemist, it is actually Santiago that the alchemist chooses to make his disciple. In Santiago, the alchemist sees powers of divination far superior to those acquired by the Englishman through his intellectual pursuits.

It is also on the oasis that Santiago meets and falls in love with Fatima. His decision to stay with or leave her will determine his Personal Legend. Her desire to have him leave and fulfill his Personal Legend (she encourages him to follow his dreams, as loving him means loving his dreams as well) is a turning point in Santiago's journey.


The Alchemist