The Alchemist (Coelho)

What are three ways Santiago gets robbed?

Who and how and why was he robbed and give the whole scene

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I think that one of the obstacles mentioned in the book is when Santiago gets robbed. Near the end of the book the Alchemist splits the gold the he makes with the boy and the monk. He gives the boy an extra piece because he said that things happen in three's and that Santiago will likely get robbed again for his money and gold. At the end of the book this is proven true where Santiago get beat up and his last piece of gold get stolen. So I think that the three occurrences of robbery can count towards one of the obstacles that occurs in the book. I think another good obstacle we could cover is when Santiago had to make the decision to follow his personal legend. This is important because he had to give up the life that he was accustom to. He also had to sell all of his sheep, and at the bbegining of the book he explains how he knows each sheep by their personality. I think that this shows that he was close and very likely attached to his sheep so I think we should cover this because its the first main obstacle in the book that Santiago has to go up against.


The first robbery was that Santiago was in Tarifa. He was inside a bar, but didn't know Arabic. A person who spoke Spanish like him agreed to take him across the desert. Santiago gave him all of his money and followed him through a crowded market place. He was distracted by an ornate sword and then he lost the thief.

The second time he was robbed was when Santiago and the Alchemist were captured by tribesmen during the tribal wars and were thought to be spies. The Alchemist took all of Santiago's money and offered it to the chief. This had bought them 3 days to live, and Santiago had to turn into wind to save himself. (The Alchemist could already turn into wind)

The third time he was robbed was when Santiago had arrived at the pyramids. While digging to find his treasure, a group of bandits came. They found a piece of gold in his bag (from when the Alchemist turned lead into gold and gave him a piece) and they thought there was more, making him dig. After finding nothing, they beat him up. The bandit leader told him he was going to live and revealed the real location of his treasure. After he lost the piece of gold, he went back to monastery to get the other piece of gold that the Alchemist left. (There were 4 parts of gold, 1 given to Santiago, the Alchemist himself and the monk of the monastery. The Alchemist knew thaat Santiago would lose his piece so he left the last piece of gold to the monk and told him it was for Santiago in case he needed it, which was used to travel back to the abandoned church with the sycamore.)


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