The Alchemist (Coelho)

what are some similarities and diffetences between the gypsy woman and the king of salem ?

The alchemist

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The Gypsy woman tells him that this treasure is real and that he must go to the Pyramids, an interpretation for which she charges him one-tenth of this future treasure. Melchizedek, the King of Salem, and he introduces Santiago to what he calls "the world's greatest lie." The World's Greatest Lie states that fate prevents one from achieving his/her Personal Legend. Melchizedek explains to Santiago that he appears to those who truly want to realize their Personal Legends: sometimes he appears as a stone, sometime he appears as a king. Melchizedek seems to be able to read Santiago's mind and promises to tell him about the treasure in his dream if he gives him one-tenth of his sheep. So you can see that both have a metaphysical bent to them. Both offer advice in exchange for something of Santiago's. Both are Oracle-figures but one wonders if they are genuine since they want something of Santiago's.