The Alchemist (Coelho)

The Alchemist – Study Guide

3. The novel begins with the boy deciding to spend the night with his flock in an abandoned church. The church has

no roof and an enormous sycamore tree has grown up where the sacristy once stood. Here he has a recurring dream

for the second time. He travels to Tarifa in the hope that a gypsy woman will be able to interpret his dream and tell

him what it means. Describe the dream that the boy tells the woman about and explain what she tells him it means.

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Once Santiago gets to Tarifa, his last stop before the city where the shopkeeper's daughter lives, he goes to see an old gypsy woman who interprets dreams, with the hope that she will help him understand his own recurring dream. When reliving the dream, just as the child is about to show Santiago the location of the treasure, Santiago wakes up. The Gypsy woman tells him that this treasure is real and that he must go to the Pyramids, an interpretation for which she charges him one-tenth of this future treasure.