The Alchemist (Coelho)

Part 1

As the shepherd considers why he needs to keep his jacket, even though he spends most of the day carrying it around in the heat, a central theme of his hero's journey is introuduced. The jacket, therefore,is a symbol, or soomething that is itself but also represents something else or something deeper , in this case, a theme. what do you think is that theme or lesson, and how does the jacket embody,or symolize that theme?

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It is interesting that Santiago uses the jacket early in the novel to sweep his resting spot rather than wear. He thinks he might one day need his Jacket so he continues to carry it with him. The jacket hence becomes a symbol of change. Seasons change and circumstances change and the jacket becomes a symbol of adaptability. Santiago also thinks that the jacket was made for a purpose, even though he does not need it for much of the novel. Santiago feels that he too has a purpose. As time will unfold the jacket's purpose, it will also unfold Santiago's purpose.