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How to solve the problem that the printer not printing

Today, the printer is one of the commonly used office supplies, I believe that many people will use the printer. However, in case of printer failure, suddenly can not print, how to do it? For people to come to repair it? If there is need to immediately print urgent documents not delay things it. In fact, the printer failure can sometimes be very simple repair, if it is a small problem, our own solution to OK it. Well, get down to business. We take a look at how to fix a simple printer failure.

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1.The printer cable interface is loose

This is the most simple case, as long as the check under the printer data communications connections, check the printer connection is loose cable interface. The new cable to try a new plug, or the printer is connected to another computer on the test. If the printer can not connect on the host, complete the steps in this, you should consider other aspects of the problem.

2. computer poisoning

How to determine the failure of the virus that causes it, just need to find a virus-free system disk, boot from drive A computer check The printer and host whether online. If the normal online, it is very likely some can attack caused by the virus of computer hardware, Duba and other anti-virus software can run antivirus processing, you can troubleshoot.

3. The printer is set as the default printer

If the printer is not the default printer, and it will cause a phenomenon that can not be printed. The printer is set to the default printer steps are as follows: 1 Click the Windows "Start" menu, point to Settings, click the "printer" to open the "Printers" window. 2 Right-click the printer icon, system pops up the quick menu, and click "Set as Default.

4. Printer port setting error

The printer port setting error is one of the reasons causing the printer can not print. The repair procedure is as follows: In the Printers window, right-click the printer icon, and then click Properties. Click the "detailed information" tab in the "Print to the following port box, to make sure the printer is set to the appropriate port. The most commonly used port is set to "LPT1", a printer using the USB port.

These are the printer several common troubleshooting methods the above fault if the above method can not be repaired, it may be relatively large, so had to contact a professional to repair it.

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