The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Why is Aunt Polly so angry with Tom after she talks with Sereny Harper about Tom's dream?

This is on chapter 19. (i asked this question because i need awsners for a homework assignment. please awnser back VERY VERY soon!! Thanks!! please someone asnwer this question please!! The awsner you give me try to make it a little short "just a little, not a lot because it has to be a little long." thanks!!

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Immediately after returning home, we see that Tom is back in his regular routine despite his attempt to change. He easily manipulates Aunt Polly by telling her about the dream. Arriving home in a horrible mood, Tom is confronted by Aunt Polly, who has learned that Tom has lied to her about his "dream." After returning from the Harper household, she learns that Tom had returned home that Wednesday night. Ridden with guilt, Tom apologizes, but