The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

What happens when tom and becky are in the cave

What happens when tom and becky are in the cave,why they are in there? What happens while they are in there,who else is involved? What is the outcome ?

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Tom and Becky play hide-and-seek games with the other children before growing weary and wandering off through the cave, reading the names and messages inscribed on the limestone walls with candle smoke. After smoking their own names into the wall, Tom comes across a narrow passageway leading downwards, and they wind down the newfound path into the depths of the cave, making smoke marks once in a while for future guidance. Shortly, they come to an enclosure where thousands of bats hang from the ceiling; quickly running to escape the creatures, Tom and Becky run wildly into random "corridors" and passageways, keeping no track of which they've turned. Finally, the two children outrun the bats and stop to rest.

Presently, they begin to realize how they've lost track of time ­ and that they can no longer hear the voices of the other picnickers. Deciding to avoid the bats, Tom suggests that they try to find a different way out of the cave. But with each passageway and turn they make, nothing looks familiar and both are aware that they are lost deep within McDougal's Cave. The children continue on, with Tom occasionally blowing out Becky's candle to conserve the wick. Fatigue and hunger overtake the children, and soon, they are forced to remain stationary by a source of water after their last bit of candle burns out. After sharing a piece of cake that Tom has kept stashed in his pocket, Tom explores side passages ­ as Becky rests ­ using kite string as his guide.

Passing through one passageway, Tom sees a human figure and shouts, only to see that the startled figure belongs to Injun Joe. With the echo of the cave masking Tom's voice, the shout sends Injun Joe running. Tom returns to where Becky is situated, and mentions nothing of the incident in order to spare her more worry. He continues to search the passageways with the kite string, putting his fear of starvation above his fear of the villainous Injun Joe.