The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

What books did Tom sawyer read

Based on his descriptions of pirates, robber, nobles in prison, etc., which books would he have read to get his ideas? Robin Hood. My guesses are Treasure Island and The Count of Monte Cristo.

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I agree, Tom would have liked adventure books like Treasuure Island or Robin Hood.

I have some thoughts. Yes, Tom would have liked Treasure Island and Robin Hood, but they had not yet been written when the events in Mark Twain's novel take place. Tom Sawyer was published in 1876, looking back at Twain's childhood around 1840. Treasure Island appeared in 1883 and Robin Hood also in 1883. Most likely reading matter for Tom would have been serial stories included in general newspapers. These later became "dime novels" (penny dreadfuls in the UK) which featured, among other things, the kinds of tales that Tom has clearly been devoted to.