The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

summarize the events of muff potter's trial?

chapter 23-28

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At the first day of the trial, the prosecutor presents evidence and witnesses that point to Muff as being the murderer, and the defense attorney does not cross-examine. Even the townspeople are dissatisfied that the defense attorney is simply "throwing away his client's life without an effort." Tom and Huck have avoided going into the courtroom. That night, Tom is out very late.

The next day, after the closing remarks of the prosecutor, the defense attorney changes his plea; surprisingly, he calls Tom Sawyer to the witness stand and asks where Tom was hiding on the night of the murder. Tom can hardly answer but finally reveals that he was hiding only a few feet away from the murder scene. Then, in his own words--and by now Tom is speaking freely--he describes the entire scene. When Tom reaches the climax of the story, Injun Joe jumps through the courthouse window and escapes. Upon Tom's revelation, the fickle town, which had openly condemned Muff Potter, now takes him "to its bosom."

Once more, Tom is the "glittering hero" and the envy of every boy in the village. While Tom's days are ones of exultation and praise, his nights are horrors. His dreams are nightmares, and he will not leave home after dark. While Huck's name was never mentioned in court, Huck is still afraid that word of his involvement will get out, because his "confidence in the human race was well-nigh obliterated." Rewards are offered for Injun Joe, and a fancy St. Louis detective arrives and leaves, but Injun Joe is not found. After some time, Tom's fears abate somewhat.


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