The Adventures of Tom Sawyer


In the Adventures of Tom Sawyer, what are some examples of satire? (preferably in quotes and which chapter it's in)


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The scene in Sunday School where Tom wants to "earn" the Bible...

description of Mr. Walters, the Sunday only Christian:

"in such reverence, and so separated them from worldly matters" that his Sunday school voice "had acquired a peculiar intonation which was wholly absent on weekdays."

Same scene, and the Judge complimenting Tom on his accomplishment. He has no idea that Tom has tricked and purchased the needed tickets and praises Tom's knowledge;

"knowledge," which is "worth more than anything there is in the world."

He says Tom will become "a great man and a good man" and that his greatness will come from "precious Sunday school privileges of my boyhood" and "my dear teachers that taught me to learn."


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer