The Adventures of Tom Sawyer


1. What plans does Tom make for running away?

this question can be found in chapter 8

f you know the awsner PLEASE AND I MEAN PLEASE let me know!!

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Tom decides he wants to run away from home and enter the pirate profession as "Tom Sawyer the Pirate ­ the Black Avenger of the Spanish Main." After daydreaming for a while and playing around with "incantations" and witch's spells, Tom hears a trumpet blast in the distance. Flinging off his jacket and moving some brush to reveal a secret stash of toys, Tom is met by Joe Harper who is clad with the same toys: a bow and arrow, a tin trumpet, and a fake sword. The two boys reenact the story of Robin Hood with their gear, then finish playing for the day swearing that "they would rather be outlaws a year in Sherwood Forest than President of the United States forever."