The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

please answer all these questions Before 10 September

Q1 Why did the whining of the dogs scare the boys?

Q2 What punishment did Aunt Polly give to Tom for going out at night ?

Q3 Why was the town of St.Petersburg disturbed? What was the horrible news?

Q4 What was Potter doing at 2 o'clock in the night?Why was it unusual?

Q5 Briefly describe what happened at the scene of crime the next day?

Q6 How did the murder witnessed by Tom affect him ?

Q7 Write a pen portrait of Injun Joe What are some of the traits that make him a villainous character?
Q8 What was the other reason for Tom's illness.How did aunt Polly treat it ?
Q9 what did Tom do with the pain killer? what was the reaction?

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1. Why did the whining of the dogs scare the boys?

After they bury the contract, Huck and Tom hear a dog howling ­ a sign that death is coming, according to black slaves' tales. Still afraid for their lives, the boys let out a sigh when they realize the stray dog is howling directly at Muff Potter.

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