The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

need answers plz chapter 22-28

1.what did tom notice about his freinds after he was able to get out of bed the second time?

2.who did muff potters lawyer call to the witness stand?

3.who entered the hunted house while tom and huck were there?

4.what did muff potters lawyer do after the prosecution was done with each other?

5.what happened as injun joe started up the stairs of the hunted house?

7.what did tom notice about his friends after he was able to get out of bed the first time?

6.what did injun joe do as tom finished testifying?

8.where was the first place that tom and huck dug for buried treasure?

9.what did injun joe and his partner find the hunted house?

10.what would tom and huck sneak to muff potter in jail?

11.why did tom yell for huck to run for his life?

12.what kept tom in bed for 2 weeks?

13.where will huckleberry finn stay while he watches over the tavern?

14.why didnt injun joe move?

15.where did injun joe say he would hide the money?

16.where did tom and huck decide to dig for treasure at night,but later changed thier minds?

17.what type of building was the number two?

18.what did tom join,then quit,furing the vaction from school?

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17. it was a temperance tavern....its not hid in there its in the cave

15. in #2

16.the huanted house

12. he had the measles

7. they all turned religous

1. the weren't religous anymore

3. injun joe and his partner

5. the stairs crumbled

1.what did tom dream about in chapter 27?

2. what did huck dream about in chapter 27?

18, He entered "Cadates of temperance"

Love to go shopping



2. tom got called to the witness stand