The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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Chapters 6-11

1. What is Becky's motivation to become 'engaged' to Tom. Why does she later reject him?

2.Compare and Contrast Huck and Tom.

3. How does the reader know that Tom's conscince bothers him about not reporting the murder?

Chapters 12- 20 Questions

4. Identifiy some ways in which the boys occupy their time on Jackson Island.

5. Identify the internal and external conflicts experienced by the boys regarding returning home from the island.

6. What is Tom's opinion about honesty? Does he change his attitude at all?

7. Why does Tom decide to keep his distance from Becky upon his return hime from the island? What causes them to eventually reconcile?

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Hey, that’s allotted of questions to ask at one time. I suggest that you ask them separately. I'll take your first one though. We must remember that Tom and Becky are still children. Their "courtship" must be seen in this context. Becky is of an aristocratic class compared to Tom. He however makes every attempt to gain her interest. When he finally draws a picture for her she begins to show her interest in Tom. He asks her to marry him, "Now its all done , Becky. And always after this, you know, you ain't ever to love anybody but me, and you ain't ever to marry anybody but me, never never and forever. Will you?" Becky agrees but their "marriage" is soon over when Tom starts talking about a similar courtship he has with Amy Lawrence.


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