The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

How Injun Joe died?

To write this answer, you have read Tom Sawyer in chapter 34 nicely and has to use your creative to write the answer.

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Injun Joewas a wicked and devious character in the novel Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain. Tom was relieved to know that Joe was dead, it was as if a weight was lifted off Tom's shoulders. Joe was stuck in McDougal’s Cave and tried using his bow knife to cut through the entrance. He was weak and could no longer struggle to get out. He died of thirst and hunger. In this way Tom did feel badly for Joe only because he knew what it was to be on the verge of dying of hunger and thirst.


novel Tom Sawyer

Injun Joe was a real person that Samuel Clemmons used from the city Hannibal Missouri. He died at 119 from boutlism eating out of a pickled mushrooms jar. (Check this, might be 109, or pickled peppers, etc)





Starvation and thirst, according to Tracey.