The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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Directions: Answer each question using a complete sentence. Chapters 1-3 1. With whom does Tom live? Tom lives with his aunt Polly. 2. Why is he asked to whitewash the fence? He was asked to whitewash the fence because he skipped school, and that was his punishment. 3. What does Ben give Tom? Ben gives Tom an Apple. 4. Why does he give it to Tom? He gives it to tom because tom allowed him to whitewash the fence. 5. Why does Tom throw dirt at Sid? Tom threw dirt at Sid as revenge against Sid because he tattles on him. 6. Who is Sid in relation to Tom? Sid’s relation to tom is that he is Tom’s half brother 7. What happens to Tom’s affection for Amy Lawrence? Tom falls in love with Amy Lawrence. He tries to get her attention by doing gymnastics. And then suddenly he goes dark and wonders if he dies, if she’ll miss him. 8. What happens while Tom is waiting under someone’s window? The maid threw a bucket of water and he gets all wet. Chapters 4-6 9. Why does Tom start working harder at memorizing his Bible verses? Tom starts memorizing the bible verses because he wanted the glory that came with getting the most tickets, and of being a smart kid. 10. Why is it ironic or mischievous that Tom is trading items for tickets considering for what the tickets are used? It is ironic or mischievous because he is committing a sin to get a bible. 11. When Tom doesn’t know the disciples that Judge Thatcher asked about, the author writes, “Let us draw the curtain of charity over the rest of the scene.” What do you think he means? Tom was acting silly and immature, the author also compares Tom’s behaviors with the people in the church. So the author feels bad for him and decides to end the chapter. 12. How does Tom manage to disrupt the sermon at church? Tom disrupts the sermon in church by playing a prank by allowing an dog inside of the church that sat on a beetle and started howling in the middle of the sermon. 13. Why does Tom purposefully get in trouble at school? Tom gets in trouble at school because he wants to go home. 14. Why does the town want children to avoid Huck Finn? The children are supposed to avoid him because of the bad stuff that he does . Chapters 7-10 15. What are Joe & Tom doing when they get in trouble with the teacher? Joe and Tom were trying to skip class 16. Why does Becky become upset with Tom after they become engaged? Because she finds out that tom liked another girl before her 17. Why is Dr. Robinson in the graveyard? 18. Who is he with? 19. What happens to Dr. Robinson? 20. How has Injun Joe betrayed Muff Potter? 21. What evidence is there again Muff Potter? 22. Why do Huck & Tom decide not to tell anyone what they saw? 23. Describe how Tom & Huck make their oath. Their make their oath by making their fingers bleed and then touching the tips of their fingers. 24. Why is Tom doubly sad once he gets to school the morning after Dr. Robinson’s murder? Chapters 11-13 25. Why does Tom bring small gifts to Potter? 26. Who goes with Tom to the Jacksons’ island? 27. What do the boys steal and then feel bad about later? Chapters 14-17 28. Who is the first to suggest returning home? 29. When Tom sneaks home to spy what does he find out everyone thinks happened to the boys? 30. Why do you think Tom didn’t leave a scroll for Aunt Polly? 31. When Joe & Huck express their desire to go home, Tom says he has a plan. Why do you think the author doesn’t reveal Tom’s secret plan to the readers? 32. What happens to Joe & Tom after they smoke? 33. How do the boys make their grand return? 34. Why does Aunt Polly hug Huck too? Chapters 18-20 35. Why does Alfred pour ink on Tom’s book? 36. Why does Aunt Polly cry after finding the message in Tom’s pocket? 37. How does Tom win Becky’s affections back? Chapters 21-24 38. What speech does Tom have difficulty memorizing? 39. How is Mr. Dobbin’s wig knocked off? 40. What is Tom prohibited from doing as a member of the Cadets of Temperance? 41. Why does Tom leave the Cadets? 42. What is ironic about Tom leaving the cadets? 43. Why is Tom considered a hero after Muff Potter’s trial? Chapters 25-26 44. Why do the boys postpone their treasure hunt to Saturday? 45. Describe the Spaniard’s appearance. 46. Who is the Spaniard really? 47. What is suspicious about the tools to the men? 48. Why do the boys want to find “Number Two”? Chapters 27-29 49. Why do they look in taverns? 50. What is the reason that the room is locked in the tavern? 51. What does Tom think that widow will give him and Becky? 52. What does Huck see after the ferry arrives? 53. What does he overhear them talking about? 54. How does Huck save the day? Chapters 30-31 55. What was in the box the men were carrying? 56. Where are Aunt Polly & Mrs. Thatcher when they realize Becky & Tom are missing? 57. Who takes care of Huck after he comes down with a fever? 58. Why can’t Tom & Becky find their way back in the cave? 59. What is Becky doing when Tom explores caves using the kite line? 60. What scares him as he explores? 61. Why is the cave bolted shut? Chapter 33 62. What happens to Injun Joe? 63. Do you think Injun Joe got what he deserved? Why or why not? 64. What’s the big surprise that is revealed at the Widow’s house party? 65. How much money was in the treasure?

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17. Tom and Huck are in the graveyard hoping to see spirits.

18. Huck accompanied Tom to the graveyard.

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