The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Does Tom understand his Aunt ? How does he deal with her ? Give examples

Examples required

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Tom sees his aunt as a disciplinarian and parent-figure. As the novel progresses, Tom sees her as more of a person. Tom is respectful to her and a little afraid of her wrath. Tom often thinks of sneaky ways to avoid responsibility.

Yes Tom understands his aunt and sees her as a parent-figure. He respects her and also a little afraid of her as she often scolds him for his mischievous behaviours. Tom always try to find ways to escape whenever his aunty catches him doing some trouble. Example:- when aunt Polly caught Tom for eating jam from the closet, he tricked his aunt saying “My! Look behind you, aunt!”, while there was nothing behind,aunt Polly turned back in fear, Tom fled on that instant fooling his aunt ike every other times.