The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

does the story ended the way you expected ?how?why?

the adventures of tom sawyer

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Twain's narrative always suggested that, although a mischievous boy, Tom had a good sense of right and wrong. The ending of the novel has Tom and Huck find the treasure. This makes sense. This is a story about a boy and his adventures. Tom is a likable protagonist and it is fitting that his adventures end positively. Tom is a boy who refuses to play by the rules but he has an innate value system that keeps him grounded as a decent person. In the end, the reader is satisfied that Injun Joe gets what he deserves. Like Injun Joe, Tom is disobedient but Tom's heart is in the right place so we are inclined to forgive, even celebrate, his transgressions. It is also fitting that the story ends with Tom still as a boy. Twain has always maintained that this is a story about a boy and not a young man.