The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Describe Willie mufferson

Describe Willie mufferson - chapter - 5
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Willie is described as the "model boy". He is the perfect son, treats his mother as if she's breakable, takes her to church, and in essence..... he's just a good boy. Thus, it makes perfect sense that all the boys dislike him.

"... and last of all came the Model Boy, Willie Mufferson, taking as heedful care of his mother as if she were cut glass. He always brought his mother to church, and was the pride of all the matrons. The boys all hated him, he was so good. And besides, he had been "thrown up to them" so much. His white handkerchief was hanging out of his pocket behind, as usual on Sundays -- accidentally. Tom had no handkerchief, and he looked upon boys who had as snobs."


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer