The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Compare and Contrast Huck and Tom.

How are they alike?

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Tom and Huck share similar traits. Both boys really have no parents in the picture. Tom is raised by his aunt Polly and Huck's father is a useless drunk. Both boys enjoy living deliberately. They seek adventure. They role play (pirates) go camping, and love to fish. They are not tainted by the many prejudices of society at the time. There is, for example, no hatred for black people. Both boys don't seem especially interested in money. The big reward they get at the end of the novel does not interest them as much as the adventure that won it for them.

The main difference between the two boys is that Huck is more of a realist and Tom is an idealist. Huck is simple, uneducated, full of common sense and adventure, and a reluctant reader. Tom love to embellish things (his plans for helping Jim escape and his "gang" are two good examples), he has gone to school regularly since he comes from a more stable family than Huck, and he loves to read (which is where his romantic, idealist views come from mostly).

Tom also is adamant about the place of the black man in society, whereas Huck's views change on this subject based on his time with Jim on the raft. Had Tom not known that Jim had already been set free in the Widow's will, he would never have agreed to help Jim escape from his captivity at the Phelps' farm.

The irony of Pap's ire over the educated black man is that the black man can easily be seen as Pap's superior based on his ability to speak so many languages and his sophistication. However, Pap fails to see past the man's skin color. Therefore, Pap sees the black man as beneath him on the social ladder regardless of Pap's unpolished appearance, lack of education, and drunken behavior.

Tom and Huck are kind of Different as in Tom was raised as. Tom was a Mischevious boy and Huck was not raised well, every mother of the town Despised Huck for his daily activities and the moms also thought that he was a vulgar and not a good boy !!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ In that case Tom was quit popular and was kind of a hero and awesome friend for others!!