The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

compare and contrast between huckleberry finn and tom sawyer

At least 6 similarities and differences

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Tom and Huck share similar traits. Both boys really have no parents in the picture. Tom is raised by his aunt Polly and Huck's father is a useless drunk. Both boys enjoy living deliberately. They seek adventure. They role play (pirates) go camping, and love to fish. Both boys don't seem especially interested in money. The big reward they get at the end of the novel does not interest them as much as the adventure that won it for them. Although they were both orphans and friends, they had many differences. Tom lives a "civilized" life with an aunt that loved him. Huck had no home and a father known as the town drunkard. Tom gets to eat meals where Huck scrounges for food. Huck, however, thrives in his freedom while Tom continually battles the constraints of society. Huck has a more empathetic view of black people than Tom has.