The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Chapter 3

How does Tom get revenge on Sid?

How does Tom get back at the maid for dumping water on his head outside of Becky's window?

Tom imagines Aunt Polly's reaction if he were dead. What causes these thoughts?

As tom sits on the draft and again thinks about drowning, what else comes to his mind?

Exlpain why Aunt Polly does not apologize for hitting Tom.

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Tom took his revenge by pelting Sid with clods (lumps of dirt or clay).

Then he skipped out, and saw Sid just starting up the outside stairway that led to the back rooms on the second floor. Clods were handy and the air was full of them in a twinkling. They raged around Sid like a hail-storm; and before Aunt Polly could collect her surprised faculties and sally to the rescue, six or seven clods had taken personal effect, and Tom was over the fence and gone.

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer