The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Chapter 25

How do Tom's plans for the future (after he discovers buried treasure) differ from Huck's? Why do you think they are different?

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Huck says, ‘Well, I’ll have pie and a glass of soda every day, and I’ll go to every circus that comes along. I bet I’ll have a gay time.’

When Tom asks if he'll save any of it, Huck says he won't because Pap would come back to town and take it from him.

Tom has different plans, and they're more in tune with planning for the future.

 ‘I’m going to buy a new drum, and a sure-’nough sword, and a red necktie and a bull pup, and get married.

Huck, of course, is appalled. His vision of marriage is his parents fighting all the time..... he doesn't understand it. Tom is growing up and experiencing what it's like to have crushes on girls. I think he wants a real home, a happy home ..... something Huck can't envision.




The Adventures of Tom Sawyer