The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Can someone help me answer these questions in Aunt Polly from Tom Sawyer's point of view?!

1.   What are my most dominant personality traits? Am I generally happy or   unhappy? How do I appear to others? What type of friends do I have?

2.  What are my interests? What kind of work do I do or want to do? How do I spend my free time?

3.  What is my background? What kind of education did I have? What sort of family do I have? What has played the biggest part in shaping my personality so far?

4.  Where is my scene set – town/country? What kind of house do I live in? What is my neighbourhood like?

5.  How do I feel about myself? How do I feel about others? How do I view the world in general?

Please help! I am so stuck and it's due in a couple of days.

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So you have to answer these questions as if you are Aunt Polly? 

Yes, Aslan.