The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Why should children have rights in their society?

Why should children have rights in there society?

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I suppose children's rights have come a long way. Huck father is his biological father, he is Huck's legal guardian. Today, the legal system treats parenting in an entirely different manner, but even in modern courts, it is rare to see a child removed from their surviving parents or parent. There has to be a large amount of evidence that a parent is unfit before any court will remove a child from a home. In Huck's day, children had no rights..... that is obvious, but he did have people looking out for him, and there were people ready to step in if things got too tough. Thus, though the legal system may have changed, and children today have a certain amount of influence over where they want to live, they still face the same uphill battle Huck faced in the novel.

Does this refer to Huck's situation with being forced to live with Pap again?

Yes it refer's to Huck's situation