The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Who do the people ask huck about?

chapter 17

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I think they keep asking about the Shepherdsons.

They all asked me questions. I told them how pap and me and the family were living on a little farm at the bottom of Arkansas. I told them how my sister Mary Ann had run off and gotten married and that we hadn’t heard from her since, and how Bill had gone off to find them and we hadn’t heard from HIM since. I told them about how Tom and Mort died leaving just me and pap, who was just skin and bones because of all our troubles. When he died, I took what was left, because the farm didn’t belong to us, and booked deck passage on the steamboat headed up the river. Then I’d fallen overboard. That was how I’d come to be here.


Their first concern is if he IS a Shepherdson, then they need to know if Huck has seen any Sheperdsons around. Lastly, they just want to know about Huck.