The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

what is the narrative structure in huckleberry finn?

narrative structure of huckleberry finn

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Like the Mississippi River itself, the plot flows around bends, through darkness and fog, and into bright sunlight. The story is full of surprises, moving through many episodes that are little stories in themselves. These episodes form a unified whole that illumines the characters and their values.....It is not true, as some have observed, that Huck’s first-person narration and the conversation of the strange mixture of characters represent authentic regional dialects. And thank goodness for that. Were they truly authentic, the novel would be a tedious agglomeration of mispronunciations, backwoods neologisms, and weird grammar. Rather than bogging the novel down with language problems, Twain flavors the writing with just enough local patois to give it bite—but not so much that the novel becomes unpalatable.

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