The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

what could be my paragraphs for that thesis statement on the adventures of huckleberry finn?

need help for a research essay!

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Hi Victoria. First, here is your thesis statement:

"Twain uses characterization to portray Huck as an amazingly strong-willed character who is in touch with a personal sense of morality that enables him to disregard society's values."

Given your thesis statement, I would go back through the novel and find instances when Huck shows that he is strong-willed, and when his personal morality clashes with society's values, but he sticks to his guns anyway. When it comes to research essays or a literature analysis, I always highly recommend that the writer compose both the first and last paragraph before composing the body of the piece. I find that a lot of students lose steam toward the end of the paper, and writing the beginning and ending first narrows down what they want to say in the middle. :)