The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

What are the steps of Huck's plan to stop the Duke and King from succeeding in their con and for him and jim to escape


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Tom needs to get away and keep Jim safe, but he also wants the con men caught. He gives Mary Jane what she needs for the courts to arrest, try and convict Duke and King, but he also needs her to give him the time to get Jim and the other slaves away.

"If I get away I sha'n't be here," I says, "to prove these rapscallions ain't your uncles, and I couldn't do it if I was here. I could swear they was beats and bummers, that's all, though that's worth something. Well, there's others can do that better than what I can, and they're people that ain't going to be doubted as quick as I'd be. I'll tell you how to find them. Gimme a pencil and a piece of paper. There -- 'Royal Nonesuch, Bricksville.' Put it away, and don't lose it. When the court wants to find out something about these two, let them send up to Bricksville and say they've got the men that played the Royal Nonesuch, and ask for some witnesses -- why, you'll have that entire town down here before you can hardly wink, Miss Mary. And they'll come a-biling, too."


The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn/ Chapter 28