The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

what are some examples of alcohol sobriety in hucklyberry finn

examples of alcohol sobriety. Need 10

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Alcohol and sobriety are reoccurring motifs throughout the story. Alcohol is seen as a drink that kills the body and destroys the spirit. Huck's Pap is a raging alcoholic who abandons his son until he finds out he (Huck) has come into reward money. The charlatans, the King and Duke, also drink alcohol. Alcohol is thus seen as a weakness of spirit and character.Alcohol is frequently used as comic entertainment although the careful reader can see there are serious emotional issues behind the alcoholism.

a drunk man tried to get into the ring – said he wanted to ride; said he could ride as well as anybody that ever was. They argued and tried to keep him out, but he wouldn't listen, and the whole show come to a standstill. Then the people begun to holler at him and make fun of him,