The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


Anyone have any good vocabulary words that have what page there on? It's such a pain trying to find words. Thanks for the help if you can. =].

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Only you can find vocabulary words, Addie. If I suggest a word and you already know its meaning, then it's not a new word, is it?

Just open to any page and start reading. When you come to an unfamiliar word, use it.

I will check and write back later ignore cocos comment shes just crabby i bet

me m--

coco crabby? ha ha ha ha

The fact is, addie w is lazy. Notice the phrase "It's such a pain...." This translates into, "I don't wanna do it, and I want someone else to do my thinking for me." LAZY. Even asking for page numbers is silly, since one book might not have the same pagination as another. LAZY.

Coco is just answering by politely telling addie to do the work independently. Coco gives a lot of good input and helpful remarks. I think this one (to open the book and find the words yourself) is more helpful than just provinding the answers that Addie is too LAZY to look for.

You guys should lay off the girl she is just trying to be a normal human being