The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Twain chooses a 13 year old boy as a narrator for his novel. In what why does this he;p to accomplish Twain's purpose? How does this help explain the young narrator can make a profound statement about the hypocrisy of this society. explain your answer?

Help!!! i am completle lost in finding this aweswer. It is in chapter 2. Help!~! Please

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It was something new to have a 13-year-old boy as a reliable narrator. Through Huck we learn the lessons that he learns. Through our own experience we can sort of channel Huck. Okay, maybe not channel him but at least understand the experiences in the context of a person coming of age. Huck is kind of like Robin Hood without tights; he is a non-threatening rebel. Because Huck is a child, he can get away with things other narrators may not. This allows Twain to be candid and endearing at the same time.