The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Throughout the story, Huck rebels against civilization. Do you think by the end of the novel, he becomes more "civilized"?

in the story, huck is rebelling against civilization. so what is the result? has he become more "civilized or it all went waste?

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In the context of white Southern "civility", no Huck does not become civilized. From a human perspective, Huck becomes quite civilized, and compared to some, even enlightened. Huck had been developing his own social code. Huck placed a lot of value on loyalty, respect and sincerity. He found all those qualities in his friend Jim, despite the fact Jim was an escaped slave. Huck continued to develop a value system which was at odds with the racist and often corrupt social codes of the white South. He resisted the King and Duke. Huck even tried to resists his mentor Tom Sawyer whose motivations were not always in the best interests of Jim.