The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

susoense: Find examples of suspense in ch. 24-30. What events cause you to feel anxious for Huck? do you think he is ever in genuine danger? do you ever feel any anxiiety for the duke and the king? why, or why not?


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Chapter 24- I only see suspense in Jim's pretending to be a runaway slave (tied in ropes) and then being painted blue to alleviate suspiscion...... he's the only one I worry about.

Chapter 25- The Duke and the King could be seen to be in danger when Doc Robinson attempts to expose them, but the girls never waiver in their loyalty to the con-men.

Chapter 26- Joanna catches Huck in a number of lies..... Mary Jane stops her in her tracks and tells her she's rude. Mary jane saves Huck the same way she has saved the others.

Chapter 27- Huck takes the stolen money and is frightened he'll be caught with it. No worries...... he buries the money with the dead body.

Chapter 29- The Duke and the King can't get away fast enough after the money has been found and everyone realizes they're frauds. No worries....... they get away!


The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn