The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Nature in Huck Finn

I have to do a essay on nature in Huck Finn. Its 5 paragraphs and if anyone knows any good quotes or things they talk about nature please let me know like when Huck talks about how he loves nature and stuff. And any help outlining the paper would be nice. Thanks

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Take a good look at the whole section where Huck and Jim are rafting through a fog. They miss the river junction that would take them north to freedom. Instead they head further south, further into racism, further into danger. Is this a metaphor for the "fog" of slavery and racism that led us not to unity but to Civil War? When did we get out of the fog and begin to see clearly . . . or HAVE we??

thank you so much more will help plz

I havent read the whole book yet we r only less than half way through and the essays due at the end so what pgs were the fog scene on?

me m, stop asking others to do your reading for you!

The summaries on this site will help you find the sections you want.

Since you know the subject of the essay, read with that subject in mind, and you will find the references you need as you go along. Record page numbers and some notes at that time.

The fog's in Chapter 15...