The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

King and duke?

Describe at least three of the schemes the King and Duke came up with while they were with Huck and Jim.

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-Performing really bad Shakespeare.

- Posing as brothers to cheat family out of inheritance

-Printing up phoney advertisements.

First, they pretend to be a Duke and Dauphin

Second, they decide to put on a play of short scenes to make money

Third, they print the handbill about the runaway slave (Jim)

Regarding the handbills: The Duke breaks into a printer's shop and takes orders from some farmers. He collects cash and promises to print advertisements in the paper. In his final project, he makes a handbill showing a runaway slave and describing Jim. He tells the others that this handbill will make it seem as if they are taking Jim back to collect the reward.