The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Justify any moral value you learn from your favourite character in the story.

For example: in case of Huck Finn, you can choose values like Freedom, Collaboration or Doing Your Best.

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I think I'd choose Jim. I think that by Jim's actions we do learn about him. Jim is probably the only truly loyal and "nice" character in the book. There is a sense of innocense about him that the other characters, including Huck, do not posess. I think Twain meant to create this character and certainly pulled it off. Jim had a sincerity about him that could not be faked. He loved Huck for who he was. When Jim sees Huck's dead pap on the floating house, he doesn't tell Huck out of concern for him. Jim was loyal to Huck throughout the story. It was a loyalty based on friendship rather than colour or social norms.