The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

I NEED HELP!!by August 27th

i need to know if this novel is anti-religion and/or anti-politics?

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It is anti-neither/ it's a product of its time and a peek into history. Have to love it; there's a lot to learn from visiting Huck's world!

I think Huckleberry Finn is in the tradition of living deliberately. Much like Thoreau’s Walden Huck lives for the moment free from the constraints of religion or wealth. This makes Huck see the world through a secular non-political yet very human lens. The side Huck takes isn't for self interest but rather for the world as he sees it. The theme of the American individual with a self reflective morality and a unique vision of his own destiny is a big part of what has made this novel so famous over generations.