The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Huck Map

Is the map on here acurate cause i thought the mississippi river flowed north not south becasue they were headed north to free jim. Im confused now.

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the river flows south. and huck and jim travel south, eventhough they are trying to free jim. they keep moving downwards throughout the novel. i think its irony.

they go south of the mississppi river because it crosses with the ohio river which goes to the free states

i am paul kerakus and go to dover highschool. i love to read this book and am upsessed with it i have read it 20 times and have no life

me m, do you really think the Mississippi River flows north? Do you live in America? How can you not know that it flows south?

Huck and Jim hope to find the junction with the Ohio River and head north to freedom, but they miss it in the fog. Alex is right--the story is so ironic because the further south they go, the more racist the people are. So the more they travel, the worse off Jim gets.

Another great irony is that Huck is unedicated but smart, while Tom is the school-taught boy who does a lot of really stupid things. It's Mark Twain's way of poking fun at traditional education.