The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

How and why do Huck and Jim forge a friendship?

How and Why do Huck and Jim forge a friendship?

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1. they are both cut off from civilized society, and seek to be free from society's hypocritic nature and injustice.

2. they rely on each other for support, forming a alternative family as Huck treats Jim like a human being and helps him to escape, while Jim looks after Huck and prevents him from getting in too much trouble.

The evolving bond between them is forged through the various ordeals they are met with during their escape. Huck and Jim seemingly start off with a very master to slave type of relationship, but that relationship clearly changes throughout the duration of the novel. Huck begins to subconsciously learn the concept of friendship and trust. He was unable to have such a relationship due to the way he was raised by Pap. Jim then enters Huck’s life and shares irreplaceable experiences and memories with Huck throughout their journey with the goal of freeing Jim. jiofi.local.html forpc