The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Chapters 25-28 Education and Intelligence

I need a quote that represents Education Or Intelligence with an Analysis of the quote

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Considering how much effort the King and Duke put into plotting and scheming, they are both not very intelligent.

they bein' partickler friends o' the diseased. That's why they're invited here this evenin'; but tomorrow we want ALL to come – everybody; for he respected everybody, he liked everybody, and so it's fitten that his funeral orgies sh'd be public."

And so he went a-mooning on and on, liking to hear himself talk, and every little while he fetched in his funeral orgies again, till the duke he couldn't stand it no more; so he writes on a little scrap of paper, "OBSEQUIES, you old fool," and folds it up, and goes to goo-gooing and reaching it over people's heads to him. The king he reads it and puts it in his pocket....(ch 25)