The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

9. What are the differences Huck sees between the Widow’s God and Miss Watson’s God?

14. Who kidnapped Huck? Why? Where did they go? (6)

15. Why did Huck need a gun?


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9) After punishing Huck for dirtying his new clothes during his night out with Tom, Miss Watson tries to explain prayer to him. Huck gives up on it after some of his prayers are not answered. Miss Watson calls him a fool, and the Widow Douglas later explains that prayer bestows spiritual gifts, such as acting selflessly to help others. Huck, who cannot see any advantage in such gifts, resolves to forget the matter. The two women often take Huck aside for religious discussions, in which Widow Douglas describes a wonderful God, while Miss Watson describes a terrible one. Huck concludes there are two Gods and decides he would like to belong to Widow Douglas’s, if He would take him. Huck considers this unlikely because of his bad qualities.


14) Pap kidnaps Huck and takes him three miles upriver to a log cabin.


15) Huck grabs the gun and holds onto it for protection.