The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

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Junior seems to be a very special person. How would you describe him? Junior's family is a blend broken dreams. Compare who his parents and his sister could have been to who they actually are. Junior is shocked when he finds out his sister has moved to Montana. What feelings does he go through? Does Mary's sudden departure have anything to do with junior? Junior finds a new friend in Gordy. What do they have in common? Describe the Basketball game between Reardan and Wellpinit. What makes Junior want to play in the game? Junior's grandmother held on to the traditional Indan beliefs and yet comes across as a very modern person. Explain. The chapter called in lika a lion refers to the expression " in like a lion, out lika a lamb ". Describe Junior's feeling before, during and after the rematch against Wellpinit. According to Junior there is one single reason why many Indian families are unhappy. What is is? How have the members of his own family been affected?
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Junior seems to be a very special person. How would you describe him?

Junior is a budding cartoonist who also enjoys playing basketball.He suffers from excess of cerebrospinal fluid in his skull that he refers to as “water on the brain.” Like the other members of the Coeur d’Alene tribe who live on the reservation, Junior has grown up impoverished and surrounded by alcoholism. Yet Junior strives to pursue his education and transfers to Reardan, an affluent school with a mostly white student body. As a result, he suffers from extreme alienation both at his new school and on the reservation, leading him to question where he truly belongs. He is creative and has a sharp wit about him. He also has a unique way at looking at things.

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