Biology: The Unity and Diversity of Life (14th Edition)

Published by Brooks/Cole Publishing Co.
ISBN 10: 1305073959
ISBN 13: 978-1-30507-395-1

Chapter 4 - Self-Quiz - Page 75: 15


Mitochondrion = H (ATP is produced through respiration) Chloroplast = G (this process makes food for the plant) Cell junction = B (self explanatory) Smooth ER = F (since ribosomes do not coat the smooth ER it cannot make proteins and can only make lipids) Golgi body = E (it sorts and ships proteins, specifically) Rough ER = A (makes proteins because of the ribosomes that complete this job on the rough ER) Peroxisome = D (can break down toxins like peroxides through the use of an enzyme called catalase) Amyloplast = C (the root word "amylo" literally means starch) Flagellum = I (hairlike projection that beats to propel an organism)

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