Biology 12th Edition

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ISBN 13: 978-0-07802-426-9

Chapter 1 - A View of Life - Engage - Thinking Scientifically - Page 17: 2


In order to test the claim that a name brand of fertilizer grows larger tomatoes than a generic brand of fertilizer, you would need to compare the two. To do this, you would need to cultivate two sets of tomato plants from the same package of tomato seeds. The first set would be the control- the tomato seeds would be planted in soil and the generic fertilizer would be used. The second set would be the one with the experimental variable, which is the name brand fertilizer. The tomato seeds would be planted in soil and the name brand fertilizer would be used. When the tomatoes were fully matured, the size of the tomatoes between the two groups (the generic fertilizer and the name brand fertilizer) would be compared via objective measurements. Based upon these measurements, a conclusion is drawn regarding which fertilizer grows the largest tomatoes.

Work Step by Step

The hypothesis is that the name brand fertilizer grows larger tomatoes than the generic fertilizer. The experiment involves growing tomatoes, some using the name brand fertilizer and some using the generic fertilizer. Once the tomatoes are fully grown, data is collected. Measurements of all of the tomatoes are made and then compared to see if one type of fertilizer contributes to larger tomatoes than the others. After the data is collected and analyzed, a conclusion can be drawn as to whether the claim that the name brand fertilizer grows bigger tomatoes than the generic fertilizer is true or false.
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