Tess of the D'Urbervilles

Tess...Things that make you say humm

My English class has been anayalzing Tess. Here are some thoughts that made us say "humm..."

1. Whenever Tess falls asleep, something negative usually happens. Example- Prince the horse dies, she gets raped by Alec

2. Alec's mansion appears perfect and flawless on the outside, but on the inside it isn't. There are icky birds and blindness on the inside

3. Tess's world has the appearance of innocence. Everything is clean, beautiful and untouched, just like she is in the beginning of the book.

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Tess of the d'Urbervilles is the worst book I've ever managed to read! If the author was alive, I would ...

Yes the book may be quite boring, and even I found some of the text quite hard to read, but it was written a long time ago, so the use of language has changed over time. A lot of the areas in the book are very biased towards an english readership, and this is why you maybe having trouble with the book. Besides, what were you on when you wrote the rest of that post?

The best solution to that is continuing to read literature of that time. it helps if you work your way backwards through the different styles. from modern gradually going back up to medieval text.

I didn't find it that dull. It's really his detailed and descriptive passages where he seems to focus on the nature or simplistic aspects of the setting but at some points there is symbolism or some general statement about the plot, its characters or society. it's just breaking down the book into its chapters, sitting down in a comfy chair or place and reading it on chapter at a time until you get tired and then put it aside until the next day.

once you see through the metaphors it becomes a bit interesting if you're into that sort of hidden meaning in the literature.


I enjoyed your "thoughts to make you go hmmm" :)

People like you are precisely the reason why the world is failing. Books are meant to read and enjoy, not bash. If you don't like it then simply say why, don't give a whole bunch of meaningless reasons. And your comment on thomas hardy being gay is completely illegtimate. he was married twice. and had a mistress.

I have to confess I hate the book when I first read it but I had to read it again as I'm doing it for coursework and its much better second time round. Also, I think that if you want to criticise it (which I did) at least give some decent reasons. I just don't see how some of your comments are relevant.